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Page 20 Enjoy the benets of working on a Hill Robinson managed yacht. Register today at spring 2016 21649HRCrewNews2016_Layout 1 18042016 0939 Page 1 Hill Robinson is one of the leading Yacht Management companies in the industry. In addition to our standard management responsibilities our HRcrew department takes pride in assisting owners and captains by selecting the right candidate for the right position. We understand that the best crew will want to progress this is why our dedicated recruitment team will work to facilitate career progression within the Hill Robinson eet. Using our HRcrew placement facilities will bring the additional value of long- term commitment to the yacht. An increasing number of crew appreciate the benets of working on our managed yachts. Would you like to join the exciting world of the Yachting Industry or are you looking for a new job on board Create your prole online and come and meet us in our oces in Antibes or Fort Lauderdale. register and join us now dedicated measured why 21649HRCrewNews2016_Layout 1 18042016 0939 Page 2 AEOLIANislands the Lipari the largest island known as Meligunis in ancient times has been inhabited since the middle Neolithic era when the rst settlers began trading obsidian glass stone throughout the Mediterranean. The Aeolian Islands were known in these remote times for this hard glasslike stone that was used to make bladesobsidian and also for Stromboli volcano that has always been used as an illuminated landmark by mariners throughout the centuries. The Patronal Feast is dedicated to St. Bartholomew considered patron saint of shermen. This feast is celebrated on every island of the group but the festival takes place par excellence in Lipari. The feast starts on August 21 and ends on 24th when Marina Corta the square where the feast mainly takes place is illuminated by a magnicent display of reworks set o from the sea. During these four days there are open local markets and concerts with local artists performing in the evening at Marina Corta square. A few restaurants of note worth a visit Filippino mainly traditional seafood cuisine with dishes of freshly caught sh together with local vegetables aubergines being a main ingredient in many dishes with oil herbs and citrus giving them the Aeolian avour. In the historic centre La Nassa restaurant oers more typical local traditional cuisine where the Mamacooks a familiar ambiance and a warm atmosphere. EPulera restaurant is located in a small garden of lemon orange and grapefruit trees serving typical Aeolian dishes with some unusual and interesting avour combinations. The furnishings are charming with stone tables with ceramic tops each one representing one of the islands of the archipelago. The Aeolian archipelago consists of seven islands of volcanic origin situated along Sicilys north-east coast. The islands Lipari Vulcano Salina Panarea Stromboli Alicudi and Filicudi each oer their own distinct atmosphere sense of hospitality and charm. EPulera 16 21649HRCrewNews2016_Layout 1 18042016 0940 Page 16