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spring 2015 Enjoy the benets of working on a Hill Robinson managed yacht. Register today at 20900HRCrewNews2015_Layout 1 15052015 1007 Page 1 Hill Robinson is one of the leading Yacht Management companies in the industry. In addition to our standard management responsibilities our HRcrew Department takes pride in assisting owners and captains by selecting the right candidate for the right position. We understand that the best crew will want to progress this is why our dedicated recruitment team will work to facilitate career progression within the Hill Robinson eet. Using our HRcrew placement facilities will bring the additional value of long- term commitment to the yacht. An increasing number of crew appreciate the benets of working on our managed yachts. Acting as the employer provides a peace of mind to both crew and owner giving the assurance that employment law and social security regulations are being properly administered. Would you like to join the exciting world of the Yachting Industry or are you looking for a new job on board Create your prole online and come and meet us in our oces in Antibes or Fort Lauderdale. register and join us now dedicated measured assured why 20900HRCrewNews2015_Layout 1 15052015 1007 Page 2 4 7 8 12 13 14 15 payroll - mlc uniformity showtime again the best toy crew insurance interior training the hrcrew team contents news 20900HRCrewNews2015_Layout 1 15052015 1007 Page 3 Crew Services The implementation of The Maritime Labour Convention 2006 across the Hill Robinson eet has been well received by all concerned stakeholders. The MLC provides wide-ranging rights and protection at work for the worlds seafarers and oers nancial security and compensation to crew and their families in cases of a death or long- term disability. It was a huge challenge for the Hill Robinson team to come up with a uniform system that could be applied to all yachts but at the same time exible enough to deal with individual requirements of owners crew multiple ag states and the diverse insurance companies. With the dynamic input from our operation team which has a wealth of experience dealing with crew matters we have an eective and comprehensive system in place. Since the coming into eect of the MLC Convention any crew employment company which provides crew under the terms of the Convention needs to be certied as is the case for the Hill Robinson oshore employment company in Guernsey. For most EU or US owners having a dedicated company to take care of crew employment provides peace of mind. Protecting the owners interests in this respect is a vital part of the oshore employment service that we oer. Equally for crew it is better to have a specialised crew employment company providing correct engagement contracts timely payroll transfers and ensuring every aspect of their employment is carried out properly. Our crew payroll administration service was introduced in response to the increased legislation in recent years. The successful introduction of the MLC system has resulted in a better dened process and system for employing crew. Previously grey areas have been eliminated so now both owners and crew know exactly where they stand providing a more socially responsible yachting and shipping industry. Besides the improved working and living conditions for seafarers the yacht owner also will benet from the new Maritime laws. A better protected and more ecient workforce will help to ensure that yachts are operated safely and securely with fewer problems and delays in ports. For more information please contact the Hill Robinson team. 4 Eliminating the grey Maritime Labour Convention and crew payroll 20900HRCrewNews2015_Layout 1 15052015 1007 Page 4 5 Antibes 33 04 92 90 59 59 Ft Lauderdale 1 954 792 6112 Where did 2014 go and on to 2015... It seemed to go very quickly 2014 has been a busy year for Hill Robinson Crew. Considering that we work in a ratherdierentway than many of the crew agencies we made rather a lot of placements. The HR Crew department handled hundreds of jobs last year from junior to senior positions worldwide. What isdierent We work primarily though not exclusively with our own Hill Robinson managed yachts so have an account manager a specialist who looks after the yacht and gets to know the captain chief stew engineer crew yacht manager and owner. We get to appreciate the atmosphere and the environment on board. This way we can match and place the best candidate. So another good reason to register with HRcrew the more we know about you the better match we can make. 2014 saw us expand our crew support with a dedicated crew oce with longer hours acall in to registerservice a crew specialist in US all available to oer assistance to crew and captains alike. More and more yachts are looking for professional qualied people our crew specialists understand and can oer advice on attending courses acquiring new skills and investing in the future which will distinguish our candidates from the others. Similarly with the larger yachts now being built a higher demand in skilled commercial crew has arisen. This will open the doors to ocers and engineers from the commercial sector to enter this industry. The rst HRcrew Job Fair was held on Friday 27 March 2015 at the Nice Airport T1 Business Center. We had a good turn out with some crew new to the industry commercial crew and a few veteran yachting crew looking for work and getting to know us. We held two sessions a morning and an afternoon one where we presented Hill Robinson as a Company and the assistance that we provide. Our main aim was to introduce participants to the HRcrew Recruitment Payroll and Employment services as well as giving tips on what to do and not to do in order to join the yachting industry and the Hill Robinson eet in particular. These sessions were followed by one on one interviews with the candidates during which we were able to assess the crew knowledge and advise them on their career progress CV preparation and general presentation in order to assist them in their future success. We are already working on the 2016 edition so keep on following us. Being in the centre of most things yachting last year our office was able to quickly pick up an increase in demand for qualified chefs mid season and filled positions from our register quickly. We have also seen a lot of requests for stewardesses and deckhands with one to two years experience. 20900HRCrewNews2015_Layout 1 15052015 1007 Page 5 6 Share your photos on our facebook page www.facebook.comHRCrew In the Autumn 2014 edition of Harbour News I wrote a small article entitled Fairey - the British Riva about the famous chase boat sequence from the 1963 Bond movie. This prompted a response from Captain Simon Johnson who provided a personal insight into how this famous British enterprise that created iconic aeroplanes and boats helped shape his marine career and now subsequently a superyacht captain working closely with Hill Robinson. Simon takes up his personal story from the earliest days I can remember I have been fascinated by planes and boats and particularly interested in Fairey aircraft and the fast motorboats they made up to the 1970s. The Fairey Aviation Company founded by Charles Richard Fairey in 1915 created a long list of memorable aircraft one of which was the Fairey Delta FD2 that made history taking the world speed record to 1132 mph on the 10th March 1956 which was held for one year the test pilot was Peter Twiss... Famous for its wartime exploits the lumbering Fairey Swordsh biplane a torpedo bomber was created in 1934 and aptly nick-named the stringbag. Wouldnt it be nice to y one I thought With this in mind I bought the nearest thing ying today and this barnstorming acquisition is a Boeing Stearman E75N1 built in 1943 a similar biplane to the Fairey Swordsh with a radial engine. I keep mine in Derbyshire UK and it earns its keep with joy ights and training etc. The interest in things Fairey led a younger Simon to Hamble Point home of Fairey Marine that used the old Fairey Aviation wartime autoclaves large pressure ovens to make a series of famous racing dinghies from laminated mahogany and then later the race-winning Alan Burnard powerboats. Simon continues I started my career at Hamble Point home of Fairey Marine which is where I had the great pleasure in meeting Lionel Peter Twiss OBE DSC 1921-2011 who ran the Fairey Marine operation as well as the marina at the mouth of the river Hamble. This is the link to the story that Roy did in the last Hill Robinson Newsletter in that Peter Twiss was one of the boat skippers in that famous boat chase scene in From Russia with Love and one of the baddies boats is my very own Fairey Huntsman 28 built in 1961. This iconic Alan Burnard design has been restored over the years and now sports more recent twin 160 hp Cummins engines. So I have realised my own Fairey story owning the Stearman that I call my faux Swordsh aeroplane and the Bond lm Huntsman 28 a dream that started when I rst engaged with my own yachting career in 1979. I have always been proud of the British contribution to both sailing and ying the world over and most particularly to the modern Superyacht Industry we see today...a thanks to Hill Robinson for an opportunity to tell my Fairey story Roy Roberts You can call me Al An immersional moment Laundry time A Captains Fairey Story Captain Simon Johnson MY St David 61m Benetti 20900HRCrewNews2015_Layout 1 15052015 1007 Page 6 7 Antibes 33 04 92 90 59 59 Ft Lauderdale 1 954 792 6112 Personalisation ranges from slight alterations to complete customisation. The rst step in adding a special touch is to make use of embroidery or printing. In basic circumstances a yachts name or logo can be added to a garment using a variety of creative methods that ensure the uniforms stand out and dier from others. It is also possible to alter an existing design by removing or adding elements and changing the colour or material to be in line with the clients vision. Taking customisation further into the realm of completely bespoke uniform articles it is possible to bring your dream uniform to life. A recent project displayed this right down to the very tip of the board short laces which had the boats name engraved on them. These shorts are made with fabric that mirrors important aspects of the boat and a poem on the back echoes its philosophy. These special features do not detract from the functionality of the shorts but the details make them works of art. Dolphin Wear has noted the yachting industrys demand for uniqueness and with creativity and enthusiasm have adopted an updated approach in supplying uniform. Rather than focusing on individual products Dolphin Wear is a Uniform Solution provider concerned with capturing the essence of a yacht and forming an overall uniform creation to echo it. While each products functionality and durability will always remain the core components of a yacht crews uniform the last few years have seen a signicant shift towards a desire for highly personalized completely unique uniform creations. It has become essential to balance the functionality comfort quality and longevity of each item of uniform with the requirements and constraints of each yacht timeframe budget etc. and present a design where each product contributes to the overall theme and unique image of a yacht. The laymans denition ofuniform describes oneness uniformity equivalence consistency and standardisation. When it comes to crew uniforms this may have applied in the past but success today is based on quite the opposite. Uniformity is dead. Rising in its place are the key characteristics of customisation and personalisation. The t of the products has always mattered but not how uniforms matched the essence of the yacht or the personality of the crew. An evolution has occurred and uniforms are increasingly seen as an extension of the yachts dcor with the goal of echoing one signature theme that describes the core spirit of the boat. Clothes make a statement they are a form of expression - and crew members as well as owners are increasingly keen to keen to assert their individuality. UniformsThe end of Uniformity 20900HRCrewNews2015_Layout 1 15052015 1007 Page 7 8 2425 A P R I L 2015 ANTIBES CELEBRATES YACHTING Antibes Celebrates Yachting is an event bringing together captains crews and yachting professionals at the launch of the summer season. The histories of yachting and of the port of Antibes have been closely linked for nearly 50 years. This event is the opportunity for the city of Antibes and its professionals to honour their industry and to welcome the international yachting community. 20900HRCrewNews2015_Layout 1 15052015 1007 Page 8 9 Antibes 33 04 92 90 59 59 Ft Lauderdale 1 954 792 6112 COME AND SEE USMonaco Yacht Show 23-26 September 2015 This year the Monaco Yacht Show will hold its 25th edition. The show displays some 115 Superyachts from 25 to 100m with visiting clientele and exhibitors from around the world. Hill Robinsons stand is perfectly located on the Quay de lHirondelle close to the Monaco Yacht Club. Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show 5-9 November 2015 Our US oce welcomes you to the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show at our stand in the Yachtstent. Take a map entering the show because it covers seven locations and over 3 million square feet of space If you are visiting any of these please call by. We look forward to meeting you at... MYBA Genoa Charter Show 27-30 April 2015 Each year the MYBA Charter Show attracts brokers to visit the many charter yachts on display. Hill Robinson have a stand at the show as well as exhibiting a few of their charter managed eet which is a great opportunity to not only show the quality of the yachts but also the dedication of the crew. Cannes Yachting Festival 8-13 September 2015 The Cannes Yachting Festival displays 550 yachts divided between the Vieux Port and Port Pierre Canto. The show brings together key players in pleasure boating and luxury yachting. If youre around we are happy to explain our services at our stand at the Jete Albert E.Sud. before the superyacht pontoon 20900HRCrewNews2015_Layout 1 15052015 1007 Page 9 The story revolves around an Indian man named Piscine Molitor PiPatel living in Canada and relating to a novelist Yann Martel his life story and how at 16 he survived a shipwreck in which his family died and is stranded in the Pacic Ocean on a lifeboat with a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker. Named Piscine Molitor after a swimming pool in France by his father on reaching secondary school tired of being called Pissing Patel due to the pronunciation of his name he changes his name to Pi the Greek letter . Pis family owned a zoo and Pi took great interest in the animals especially a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker. When Pi tries feeding Richard Parker through the cage bars his enraged father tells him that Richard Parker is dangerous and would kill him if it had the chance and so his father forces Pi to witness Richard Parker killing a goat to prove his point. Pi is raised Hindu and vegetarian but at 12 years old he is introduced to Christianity and then Islam and decides to follow all three religions as he just wants to love God. His mother supports his desire to grow but his father a rationalist tries to convert him to his own way of thinking. When Pi is 16 his father decides to move the family to Canada where he intends to settle and sell the zoo animals. Pis family books passage on a Japanese freighter named Tsimtsum. During a storm the ship founders while Pi is on deck. He tries to nd his family but a member of the crew throws him into a lifeboat. As the ship falls into the sea a freed zebra jumps onto the boat with him breaking its leg as it lands. Pi watches helplessly as the ship sinks drowning his family. After the ship disappears Pi sees what he believes is a survivor struggling in the ocean. He calls out to the survivor who swims towards the lifeboat however it turns out to be Richard Parker. Pi attempts to prevent the tiger from entering the boat with an oar however it climbs in anyway. After the storm Pi nds himself in the lifeboat with the injured zebra and is joined by an orangutan who has survived the sinking on a oating crate of bananas. A spotted hyena emerges from a tarpaulin covering half of the lifeboat and snaps at Pi forcing him to retreat to the end of the boat while it kills and eats the zebra and later ghts the orangutan eventually killing it too. Later Richard Parker emerges from under the tarpaulin killing the hyena and attempting to attack Pi who distracts it by throwing a rat into its mouth. Richard Parker then retreats under the tarpaulin and does not emerge for several days. After many days at sea Pi retrieves biscuits water rations and a hand axe from the lifeboat and builds a small raft to stay at a safe distance from Richard Parker. He begins shing and is able to feed Richard Parker. He also collects rain water for them to drink. When the tiger jumps into the sea to hunt for sh to eat Pi considers letting it drown but ultimately helps it climb back into the boat. One night a humpback whale breaches and lands on the rope connecting the raft to the lifeboat completely destroying the raft. Pi loses most of his supplies forcing him to eat sh for the rst time in his life. Pi trains Richard Parker to accept him in the boat and realizes that caring for Richard Parker is keeping him alive. Weeks later they reach a oating island of edible plants supporting a mangrove jungle fresh water pools and a large population of meerkats. Pi and Richard Parker eat and drink freely and regain strength. At night the island transforms into a hostile environment Richard Parker retreats to the lifeboat and the meerkats sleep in the trees while the fresh water pools turn acidic and digest the dead sh in the pools. Pi discovers that the island itself is carnivorous after nding a human tooth embedded in a ower. The next day Pi and Richard Parker leave the island. Some time later the lifeboat reaches Mexico. Pi is crushed emotionally that Richard Parker does not acknowledge him before disappearing into the jungle. Pi is rescued and brought to a hospital. Insurance agents for the Japanese company that owned the freighter interview him but do not believe his story and ask what really happened. Pi tells a dierent story in which he shares the lifeboat not with animals but with his mother a Buddhist sailor with a broken leg and the cook. In this story Pi says that the cook killed the sailor in order to eat him and use him as bait. In a later struggle Pis mother pushed her son to safety on a smaller raft before the cook murdered her and threw her body overboard. Pi then took the knife and killed the cook and managed to survive on the cooks esh until reaching Mexico. The insurance agents are not satised with this story either but they leave. Yann notes the parallels between the two stories the orangutan was Pis mother the zebra was the sailor the hyena was the cook and Richard Parker was Pi. Pi asks which story the writer prefers and Yann chooses the one with the tiger because it is the better story to which Pi responds Thank you. And so it goes with God. The insurance report agents wrote that Pi survived 227 days at sea with an adult Bengal tiger. We are well aware that a crew members life is a pretty busy one but there are also times when a good book is a great way to get away from the days business. This one albeit about a shipwreck is just such one of those. It is alsothe book that couldnt be turned into a lm. However based on the novel directed by Ang Lee Life of Pi is the ultimate shipwreck adventure drama lm. Reading matter 20900HRCrewNews2015_Layout 1 15052015 1007 Page 10 Each year at the MYBA Charter show in Genoa one of the highlights for crew is the chefs competition. In 2014 Chef Micail Swinders at that time on board M.Y. Zoom Zoom Zoom won the rst prize in his category. Fillet of Turbot walnut pesto smoked celeriac and Bay Milk puree 11 Antibes 33 04 92 90 59 59 Ft Lauderdale 1 954 792 6112 GENOA SHOW CELEBRATES CUISINE 20900HRCrewNews2015_Layout 1 15052015 1007 Page 11 The Best... The Flyboard The newest extreme sport It is an accessory that attaches to a PWC Personal Watercraft which gives the Flyboard propulsion through air and water. The propulsion is routed through the primary nozzle that attaches to the feet of the Flyboard user. Despite its intuitive use the Flyboard is nonetheless an extreme piece of sports gear to practice with great vigilance. Safety The board has positive buoyancy and youll need to be equipped with a life vest. When training your certied instructor is in control of your height at all times. 12 Crew News 20900HRCrewNews2015_Layout 1 15052015 1007 Page 12 13 Antibes 33 04 92 90 59 59 Ft Lauderdale 1 954 792 6112 1. All crew insurance policies are not created equal. There are several yacht crew insurance plans on the market and while most oer more or less the same coverage there can be dierences in benets limits and certainly service. There are a variety of factors that make up a good health insurance policy. 2. Price should not be the deciding factor. There are plans out there that look like Gold for the price of Pyrite Remember if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Please do not buy insurance based solely on lowest cost. 3. Work with a specialised broker. Brokers should represent you the client. They should listen to your needs and constantly review the marketplace for solutions to t those needs. A good broker looks at costs benets desired future plans itinerary and crew nationalities just to name a few. Once you have purchased a plan they answer questions and assist throughout the claims process. There is typically no additional cost in utilising a broker. 4. Crew insurance can be a lot of dierent things. What does crew insurance mean to you Crew insurance is not P I insurance or personal accident PA insurance. It is medical insurance which can be purchased on a group basis or individually. Sometimes PA is used interchangeably and can be a part of a crew insurance policy. In its purest form PA insurance provides lump sum payments for loss of limbs or hearingsight but does not cover medical expenses. 5. Insurance is your responsibility. Whether youre joining a group plan or purchasing your own individual plan its important to understand the coverage the plan provides. If in doubt speak with an insurance specialist for help in understanding what you are being oered with your employment or before you make a decision on which individual plan is right for you. 5Things You Should Know About Yacht Crew Insurance 20900HRCrewNews2015_Layout 1 15052015 1007 Page 13 Crew Academy - Courses Interior Training in the Yachting Industry Interior crew play a fundamental role on board a yacht. With the increase of crew coming into the industry and the professionalism required in 2012 the Professional Yachting Association PYA introduced an industry standard for interior yacht crew called the GUEST Program. A number of training schools are accredited by the GUEST program and provide the tools and recognised certication for career progression within the interior department. HRcrew has recently worked together with one of these schools The Interior Training Academy and its director Terry Gilmore. The School specialises on training for entry level stewardesses to existing crew. The beginners course is a starting point and platform for candidates to enter a career in the yachting industry. Attentiveness punctuality a high quality presentation politeness and maturity will all be necessary to graduate. With a growing requirement for qualied crew amongst the superyacht industry what is being done as regards addressing the problem and how are we going about attracting the right people At HRcrew we have actively looked at attracting individuals from other sectors that may have initially started from a similar skill base or introducing enthusiastic youngsters willing to acquire the new skills necessary for our industry. New avenues are being explored one of which is HRcrews participation at some job fairs the rst more typically attended by the big commercial shipping companies our attendance though is a rst for a yacht management company. The second is of our own making a job fair at Nice Airport capturing prospective new crew at one of the main yachting touchpoints in the Mediterranean introducing the industry and the training available to enter our yachting world. With larger and larger yachts being built operating in the charter industry and the subsequent demand for skilled crew the door has been opened for ocers and engineers from the commercial sector to work on superyachts. 14 APPS and tools Know the Tides Get tide forecasts moon phases next tide countdown in both analogue and graph format. In up to eight locations. And up to seven days in advance. Activate the Follow Mefeature in your tides settings pane to continuously nd the nearest tide station. Check the Forecast Detailed weather report available including windgust speed and direction. Plus water temp wave height visibility barometric pressure trend and sunrisesunset times. With forecasts of up to seven days. In up to seven dierent locations. And weather alerts in your area. Get Your Bearings Direction and location are no longer an issue. With the compass and speedometer get your heading latlong speed over ground and course over ground. Pinpoint your precise location on a map take a photo then share it with a friend. Designed for inland and near coastal use it also works oshore with many GPS-enabled phones. Help is On the Way Have peace of mind knowing you can contact Sea Tow through this App in addition to your VHF Radio. No matter what screen youre on you can contact Sea Tows 24 Hour Dispatch Center. Captains are standing by ready to help. We know your exact location even when you dont APPS 20900HRCrewNews2015_Layout 1 15052015 1008 Page 14 Esther Delamare I joined the Hill Robinson and its fairly young and still growing Crew department team in the summer of 2013. I accidently fell into the industry 9 years ago after having spent 8 years as a Human Resources consultant. I love my job and meeting people from all over the world. Every day is dierent and brings its challenges and satisfaction. My other job is spending quality time with my two teenage boys and husband. In between my favourite activities are shopping cooking and sports especially skiing tennis and golf. Lindsay Stewart Although I am the new kid on the block with the Hill Robinson Crew Department I am no stranger to crew placement. I absolutely love talking with crew giving advice when asked and watching crew grow in this amazing industry. I thrive on building relationships with crew and employers alike. During my down time you will nd me out with my 6 years old son Aiden. We spend our weekends at the dirt bike track riding our bikes to the park to play basketball or heading to the beach. No matter what he keeps me on my toes and busy at all times Tara Gee Before joining Hill Robinson in September 2013 I worked as a Sales Assistant for a large yachting brokerage company. I hold a Bachelor in Interior Design and have previously worked as a stewardess on a yacht and as an interior assistant for a Dutch shipyard. In my spare time I practise my acting skills in the theatre and enjoy cooking therefore you will often nd me in the kitchen. I also love skiing in the fresh air of the mountains. Maggie Kalabakas I started my career in 1990 in the US and spent 7 years in the Hospitality industry then moving back to Europe worked in the Oil and Shipping industry Project Management and subsequently Crew Recruitment. I joined Hill Robinson in 2010 where I started the Crew Recruitment Department as Crew Recruitment Specialist. I hold a Masters Certicate in Project Management and speak 5 languages. In my spare time I enjoy fooding travelling and spending quality time with my four month old puppy 15 Antibes 33 04 92 90 59 59 Ft Lauderdale 1 954 792 6112 sorry Im out the office Ill be... ...skiing ...or maybe baking ...on the stage or in the kitchen ...puppy sitting hrcrew team 20900HRCrewNews2015_Layout 1 15052015 1008 Page 15 designbyOwenMarineMarketingUK While every eort has been made to ensure accuracy of all information enclosed and on our services Hill Robinson cannot accept any responsibility for any errors or omissions which may occur. Come and find us BOAT SHOWS AND EVENTS 2015 APRIL 24 - 25 April Antibes Celebrates Yachting 27 - 30 April MYBA Genoa Charter Show 30 April - 4 May Palma Superyacht Show MAY 9 May The World Superyacht Awards Amsterdam 2 - 6 May Mediterranean Yacht Show Greece 13 - 24 May Cannes Film Festival 21 - 24 May Monaco Grand Prix JUNE 2 - 6 June Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta Porto Cervo 3 - 7 June Voiles dAntibes 17 - 20 June The Superyacht Cup Palma JULYAUGUST 2 - 5 July Superyacht Rendezvous Montenegro SEPTEMBER 8 - 13 September Cannes Yachting Festival 17 - 20 September Newport International Boat Show 23 - 26 September Monaco Yacht Show 26 Sept - 4 October Voiles de St Tropez OCTOBER 5 - 8 October MIPCOM NOVEMBER 9 -11 November Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show 16 - 18 November METS Global Superyachts Forum 27 - 29 November Abu Dhabi Grand Prix DECEMBER 4 - 10 December Antigua Yacht Show Well be at various events and boats shows during 2015 Wed be pleased to talk to you about any requirement that you may have. Register at or visit one of our offices open for interviews Monday - Friday from 09.30 - 12.00 Rsidences du Port Vauban 17 Avenue du 11 Novembre 06600 Antibes France Tel 33 04 92 90 59 59 1845 Cordova Road Suite 211 Fort Lauderdale FL33316 USA Tel 1 954 792 6112 20900HRCrewNews2015_Layout 1 15052015 1008 Page 16